Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Global Outlook

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Global Outlook 2015
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The Emerging Trends in Real Estate© United States and Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific reports are produced annually by the Urban Land Institute and PwC following extensive surveys and interviews with the most senior property professionals. Over the years, these reports have become key indicators of sentiment in their respective regions.

We have drawn together those regional insights for 2015 in this global report, highlighting the most relevant investment and development trends.

It is evident that there is still a wall of capital targeting real estate in many markets and that it is performing strongly against other asset classes. It is clear too, though, that investors must strike a fine balance between the need to deploy capital and the ability to achieve adequate returns when there is such a wide variance in underlying fundamentals and economic conditions across the globe.

Like last year, the search for yield has taken some investors into development and secondary markets. But for the first time in this global edition we move further up the risk curve and provide a snapshot of an increasingly important emerging market: Africa.

But it is also clear from all three regional reports that many investors are thinking about the future and paying greater heed to such megatrends as urbanisation, demographic change and technology. This global report, therefore, reflects not just the outlook for 2015, but offers a glimpse of just how those megatrends will influence real estate in the long term.