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ULI Americas Leadership
Changing ULI and Our Communities
The last few weeks have caused us all to stop and further reflect on the continued inequalities and injustices faced by Black people every day. Many of us are recognizing our privileged position in society and the role we have played in perpetuating broken systems that continue to discriminate against, and disadvantage, people of color. To support the movement toward real equality for all, we understand that it is important for us to state our position clearly and unequivocally. Read more.
Now in Knowledge Finder
Research Report: Family Renter Housing
This report demonstrates the changing demand dynamics for family-oriented rental housing, illustrates the new and exciting development typologies that are responding to this opportunity, and discusses the barriers that have stood—and continue to stand—in the way of construction. Published jointly by RCLCO and the ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing. Read more.
ULI Americas
Join ULI to Build Better Places—and Get One Session On Us
Be on the cutting-edge of what’s next for cities. Join ULI today and attend one free session from the RE:SHAPING CITIES Series—our newest thought-provoking, conversational series featuring expert perspectives on the post-pandemic city. Join today.
ULI Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development
Urban Land Institute to Rename J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development
The Urban Land Institute is renaming its annual $100,000 J.C. Nichols Prize as the ULI Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development. The change represents part of ULI’s ongoing effort to address and assist in remedying the legacy of social and economic harm caused by some real estate practices. Read more.
New Americas Leadership
Jonathan H. Brinsden Appointed as ULI Americas Chairman
Jonathan H. Brinsden, chief executive officer of Houston-based real estate investment and development firm, Midway, has been appointed as ULI Americas Chairman. Brinsden, who succeeds Jack Chandler, founder of Majesteka Investment Holdings, will serve on a voluntary basis for a two-year term starting on July 1, 2020 and will also join the ULI Global Board of Directors. Read more.
ULI Resources
Explore Industry Insights of the Impact of COVID-19
Be ready for what’s next in real estate. This special section on Urban Land online will be the place to go for news and updates on the latest from the Institute and its members, as well as a regularly updated roundup of available ULI resources addressing the current situation. Bookmark COVID-19: Industry Insights.
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Former U.S. Mayor Glenda Hood Talks about ULI Advisory Service Panels
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