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Renewable Energy Strategies for Real Estate

Renewable energy is not a new concept or startup technology. All types of buildings with varying ownership models and lease structures have been able to generate or procure renewable energy. With increasing stakeholder demand for sustainable real estate and growing attention on setting net zero goals, renewable energy will play a large role in buildings of the future. The goal of this report is to help real estate practitioners understand the business case for renewables and develop a strategy to identify, prioritize, and execute renewable energy deals both on and off site.

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ULI Celebrates Jewish American Heritage Month

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, and ULI is proud to observe and honor the great achievements, stories, and valuable contributions of the Jewish community throughout American history. Jewish Americans—past and present—have engaged in the persistent work of building and transforming aspects of American life, both in commercial real estate and beyond. Every year in May, the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History leads a national celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month that features educational resources, stories, artifacts, virtual and online tours, and more. We encourage ULI members to explore these learning opportunities, programs, and resources and visit JewishHeritageMonth.gov to learn more about the history, culture, and impact of Jewish Americans.

ULI Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In honor of AAPI Heritage Month, ULI is excited to celebrate its AAPI members, colleagues, and communities through various forums. We urge ULI members to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month and follow along with us across our platforms in the coming weeks. In celebration of WLI’s 10th Anniversary, ULI will be amplifying the voices of women of AAPI descent, sharing their stories, impact, and achievements. On May 19, ULI Los Angeles will host a panel focused on the Visibility of Asians in Commercial Real Estate (CRE). Featured speakers include esteemed Asian CRE trailblazers who represent notable institutional investment managers and are involved with ULI at the Global and Americas levels. Find out more about the event here.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Global Outlook 2022

In the context of a second major economic shock from the war in Ukraine and continuing inflationary concerns, this report focuses on the global outlook for the real estate industry in light of increasing pressure for finance to support the decarbonization of real estate. The industry challenges lenders and their regulators to provide debt for the retrofit of existing buildings and the scale-up of the “climate tech” needed.

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Resilient Retrofits: Climate Upgrades for Existing Buildings

As climate risks like floods and wildfires intensify, existing buildings must be strengthened. In the coming years, the real estate sector can expect resilient retrofits to become mainstream practice. This report introduces real estate actors, designers, policymakers, and finance professionals to the opportunities and challenges of preparing existing buildings for accelerating physical climate risks, including extreme temperatures, floods, storms and high winds, seismic risks, water stress/drought, and wildfires.

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The Future of Real Estate

ULI members and key partners are working together to promote more sustainable and resilient infrastructure investments. Join this network of 45,000-plus real estate professionals addressing the most critical issues in the real estate industry.  Click here to join.

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