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Registration is now open for the 2020 ULI Spring Meeting May 12-14 in Toronto. Join over 4,000 ULI Full Members from around the world to collaborate, find new connections, discover the latest trends, and exchange executive-level strategies.
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What are the best bets for real estate in 2020? Join ULI for just $41 or less per month and use TRENDSHQ to receive a complimentary publication of Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2020, the most highly regarded and widely read forecast report in the real estate industry.
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New ULI Advisory Services Panel Report: Parks and Open Space in Detroit, Michigan
ULI members part of a ULI Advisory Services panel earlier this year visited Detroit to help the community understand, consider and recommend suitable financial methods and models to support the city’s growing portfolio of parks, open space and trails. This panel was part of ULI's participation in the 10-Minute Walk campaign. Find this and other Advisory Services panels on Knowledge Finder.
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Just Published: Real Estate Market Analysis, Third Edition
The industry-standard introductory guide on analyzing real estate markets, the third edition of Real Estate Market Analysis includes comprehensive updates while providing a practical "how-to" for evaluating several property types. This new version captures a transformative decade's worth of market changes that will allow readers to understand how to inspect proposed development sites, evaluate competitive properties, conduct interviews with competitors, and find information.
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Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2020 Now Available for ULI Members
Real estate in the United States remains a favored asset class, even as economic uncertainty looms and forces of change related to the environment, infrastructure, demographics, consumer behavior, and technology are necessitating flexibility in space design, development, and business operations. Read more in Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2020, copublished by ULI and PwC. ULI members can also download a pdf of the report on Knowledge Finder.
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New on Knowledge Finder: Explore content from the 2019 ULI Fall Meeting. ULI members now have access to agendas, sessions, and speakers from the Fall and Spring Meetings, Europe Conference, and Asia Pacific Summit on Knowledge Finder.
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ULI offered me an opportunity to be a peer among some of the industry’s best and to be treated as a peer. And whether you’re working on council leadership or going to networking events or workshops, you’re able to meet various people from all types of fields.

Jeremy Sharpe
Chief Operating Officer, Rancho Sahuarita Company
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