Urban Revitalization Council (URC)


The mission of the Urban Revitalization Council (URC) is to explore the best practices for redevelopment and revitalization of city centers, older neighborhoods and districts, and other core urban areas.This includes a focus on urban planning, infrastructure development, architecture, street and civic space design, real estate development, historic preservation and adaptive reuse, economic development, social equity and community engagement.

The objective is to provide members with skills, knowledge, case studies and ideas to help them actively demonstrate leadership in the revitalization of the communities in which they are living and practicing. Towards this end, the URC actively uses the venue for each Council meeting as a case study relating to our areas of focus, meeting with local professionals, visiting local projects and engaging with local community members whenever possible.

The Council also explores Federal urban policy, local and state regulations affecting urban revitalization, community development and not-for-profit corporations’ roles in urban revitalization, and the impacts of school systems, social services and other urban institutions in order to provide its members with a broad-based understanding of influences on the urban environment.  Finally, the Council provides it members with an engaging forum to discuss current trends and key issues impacting urban revitalization and encourages members to contribute to the national and global discussion and literature on the topic.

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Interest Areas


  • Downtown Development, Infill, Urban Redevelopment and Revitalization
  • Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse
  • Walkable, bikeable, transit-friendly communities
  • Urban planning, policy, and Place-Making
  • Mixed-use and mixed-income communities and buildings
  • Community engagement
  • Economic development, jobs creation, workforce development