Ruijie Ma, 2018 Health Leader

Title: Urban Designer and Architectural Designer
Organization: Krueck and Sexton Architects
Location: Chicago, IL

Ruijie Ma is an urban designer and architect in Chicago with international experience in various project scales, from research and design to construction. With an overarching vision and goal of creating livable, sustainable, enduring urban spaces, her work is dedicated to providing inclusive steps for urban design projects with a systematic approach that improves walkability, strengthens ecosystems and supports a neighborhood’s well-being, including the natural habitat of wildlife. This belief is entrenched in every environmental design project she’s worked on, including transit-oriented campus planning, office building design, park design and multifamily housing. As a LEED Green Associate, she also actively participates in non-profit efforts such as an urban planning initiative to improve Chicago’s River System for the benefits of people and public health, and to revive neighborhoods via renovating existing buildings with new sustainable technology paradigm.

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