What’s Next

ULI thanks Trustee Thomas W. Toomey and UDR Inc. for providing funding for this initiative.

To mark its 75th anniversary, the Urban Land Institute launched an ambitious plan to bridge the market realities of today with the land use outcomes of tomorrow.

To start the conversation in 2011, ULI released What’s Next? Real Estate in the New Economy, a publication that posed the questions the nonprofit would seek to answer over the course of the year at national and international events.

The sequel What’s Next? Getting Ahead of Change was released a year later to synthesize the dialogue spurred by the first publication. Inspired by the conversation, ULI’s District Councils also released their local and regional responses to the issues discussed in What’s Next.

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ULI Asks the Tough Questions About the Future of Real Estate

ULI challenged members in 2011 with six questions about "What's Next?" in the real estate marketplace.

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How to Thrive in This Decade’s Unsettled Markets

"Getting Ahead of Change" seeks to answer questions about the next era of urban development and economics.

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What’s Next in American Real Estate, Region by Region

The 2012 report "What’s Next at the Local Level" contains local and regional perspectives.

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