Unlocking Hidden Value in Class B/C Office Buildings

Unlocking Hidden Value in Class B/C Commercial Buildings: Best Practices for Pursuing Low-Cost, High-Impact Energy Efficiency and Green Leasing Strategies shows how improving the energy efficiency of Class B and C office buildings is doable with relatively simple, lower-cost measures that not only enhance building performance, but boost property values to make the buildings more competitive.

This research, generously supported with funding from the Building Owners and Managers Association and Yardi and prepared by ULI’s Greenprint Center for Building Performance and the Rocky Mountain Institute, explores the challenges and opportunities to achieve energy efficiency across Class B/C office portfolios. This market is a traditionally forgotten segment for energy efficiency and green leasing as information, resources, and funding constraints often hold back project implementation. However Class B/C owners stand to benefit in multiple ways: cost-sharing with tenants through green leasing, utility savings from energy projects resulting in increased asset value, and more satisfied tenants. Learn from real estate leaders achieving real value from energy efficiency solutions, including green leasing clauses.

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