ULI Terwilliger Center Home Attainability Index

With the goal of supporting municipalities and members of the development community working to address longstanding home affordability challenges, the Terwilliger Center has released its pilot Home Attainability Index (Index) and District Council Dashboards (Dashboards). These resources will provide a high-level snapshot of the extent to which a housing market provides a range of attainable choices to the regional workforce. This information will help identify gaps in home attainability, provide better context to understand residential markets, and, over time, enable national and regional comparisons to inform housing production, policy, and financing decisions.

To develop the Index, the Terwilliger Center selected 11 metrics from existing, nationally recognized data sources and providers. The Index metrics fit into five core categories: overall affordability, homeownership attainability, rental attainability, neighborhood opportunity and access, and housing production. In addition, the Terwilliger Center partnered with the National Housing Conference (NHC) to create an Occupational Analysis, comparing incomes with housing costs for a sample of occupations using region- and job-specific wage information from NHC’s Paycheck to Paycheck database.

The Index and District Council Dashboards are available to ULI members on Knowledge Finder here.


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