How to Apply

The Application Period for the 2020 ULI Hines Student Competition will open October 1, 2019 and close December 13, 2019.

Before clicking the button below, please read “Create an OrgSync Account” and “Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating an OrgSync Account” on this page.

ULI Hines OrgSync Portal

ULI invites teams from accredited educational institutions  to participate in the ULI Hines Student Competition. Teams must be composed of graduate students pursuing a graduate degree while fully enrolled for the entire duration of the academic period during which the competition is conducted. For further details about team composition requirements, visit the How to Form a Team section.

Application Overview

Teams that wish to compete must submit the following information via an online application:

  • Name and contact information for all five team members;
  • Degree program information for all five team members;
  • A one-page résumé for each of the five team members;
  • Names and contact information for the team’s faculty advisers (up to two allowed from different disciplines);
  • Names and contact information for the team’s professional advisers (up to two allowed from different disciplines);
  • Signature of the department head of the sponsoring school; and
  • Verification forms for each team member who is a part-time student or a fifth-year eligible student, such as BArch or BLA student.

Application Instructions

Review the eligibility requirements below, form your team, and complete the online application at OrgSync to compete in the ULI Hines Student Competition. Applications will be accepted only via OrgSync; any applications submitted by e-mail will be discarded.


Members of the jury; the competition advisers; all officials, current employees, and recent former employees of the Urban Land Institute (ULI); the employees, students, and immediate family members of any of the aforementioned parties; and those whom ULI deems to present conflicts of interest are ineligible to compete. All students from the finalist teams in the 2018 and 2019 competitions are also ineligible.

ULI reserves the right to disqualify teams or to limit the number allowed to participate in the competition. Teams will be notified by e-mail to the student team leader as to their participation status after the application deadline has passed.

ULI reserves the right to limit the number of participating teams, and the advancing teams can be chosen based on geographic diversity, team statements, team makeup, university diversity, or any of the criteria listed above.

Overview: Create an OrgSync Account

Participation in the ULI Hines Student Competition requires the creation of an account on OrgSync, which will be your source for application forms and information during the competition period.

To create your team’s OrgSync account, you must have the following information ready:

  • Team e-mail address. This address must be accessible by all team members.
  • Team code. Each team must create a six-digit code that will be its identifier throughout the competition. The first two digits should be “20” reflecting this year—e.g., 200000. Teams are anonymous to the judges during the general competition; thus, this six-digit code will be the only identifying mark on any materials submitted (except during the application stage). If two teams choose the same six-digit code, the competition administrators will assign a new code and will notify you at your team email address of such action.
  • Team user name. Your team’s user name for OrgSync must use the following convention:
  • First Name: Team
  • Last Name: Six-digit team code

For instance, a team that selects 201980 as its team code would have the user name Team 201980.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating an OrgSync Account

  1. Go to the following webpage: If asked to select a community, choose “Urban Land Institute” from the pull-down menu.
    • You may see a list of universities on the pull-down menu of OrgSync’s different communities. Do not select your university; you must select “Urban Land Institute”.
    • Do not log in using an existing Facebook account or an existing OrgSync account.
  2. Fill out the Get Signed Up form with your user name as described above, and your team email address, and select a password for the account.
  3. Once logged in, complete your profile by clicking through the additional Basic Profile page, and the Urban Land Institute Profile You do not need to fill in additional information on either of these pages. We will collect this information later for all team members.
  4. Once you receive the message “Your profile has been successfully created,” use this URL to reach the Hines Competition portal:
    • Click the green Join Now button in the upper right part of the screen.
      1. A dialogue box may appear that says “Join ULI Hines Student Competition, Membership to ULI Hines Student Competition is open. Click ‘Join Now’ below to join this organization.” Click Join Now again.
      2. You should receive a message that says “You joined ULI Hines Student Competition”
  5. In the future you should be able to login directly to the Hines Competition portal using this URL:
Overview: Complete the Application

The general application form is in the Forms section of the ULI Hines Student Competition portal. Fill in and submit this form online. Assemble the following information before starting the application:

  • Designated student team leader;
  • Contact information and degree information for each team member;
  • One-page résumé in PDF format for each team member;
  • Supplemental forms (described below);
  • Name of faculty adviser(s); and
  • Name of professional adviser(s) (if applicable).

Each team member is expected to verify his or her own information via a checkbox. For this reason, we recommend that the team complete the application as a group, or that each team member log in to fill out his or her information. Teams will be able to preview the form before filling it out.

Supplemental Forms

These can be found in the Files section of the ULI Hines Student Competition portal.

  • Each team must download, complete, and upload the Department Head Verification PDF file to verify each student’s enrollment status. As you fill out the General Application Form, you will have the ability to upload the completed file as a PDF.
  • If relevant, team members may need to download, complete, and upload Verification PDF files for fifth-year undergraduate eligible students (most commonly BArch or BLA students) and for part-time students. As you fill out the General Application Form, you will have the ability to upload the completed files as PDFs.
Step-by-Step Instructions for Completing the Application

1.- Go to the Files section of the OrgSync portal and download the necessary verification files. Every team is required to submit the Department Head Verification PDF file. Teams with part-time students or fifth-year BArch/BLA students are required to submit the appropriate verification form.

2.- Go to the Forms section of the OrgSync portal. Click on 2019 ULI Hines Student Competition − General Application and then click on Fill Out. Complete the application form and submit. You will be able to upload the required and relevant files at this point.

After you have successfully completed your application, your team e-mail account will receive a confirmation of receipt. A few days later, your team will receive an e-mail via the OrgSync messaging system containing your final application approval.