2020 ULI Hines Student Competition Finalists and Honorable Mentions

About the 2020 Winning Proposal and Team

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On April 7, following virtual presentations by all four finalist teams, the Jury selected the 2020 ULI / Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition Winner. Click on the proposal title below to learn more about their development scheme and find links to their presentation boards and other documents:

Team 2019-331 – La Mezcla – Columbia University and Pratt Institute


About the 2020 Finalist Teams

Press Release

On February 11, the Jury selected the four finalist teams. Click on each proposal title below to learn more about their development schemes and find links to their presentation boards and other documents:

Team 2019-281 – The LIFELINE – University of Cincinnati


Team 2019-534 – Cubikko – Cornell University and Columbia University


Team 2019-557 – Rock Ridge – Massachusetts Institute of Technology


About the 2020 Honorable Mentions

The jury selected nine honorable mentions:

  • Team 2019-246 – WEcreate – Columbia University –The jury recognized the bold character of the public space at the train station and its connections to the museum and creative space and living lab. A strong financial model, including a number of different financing sources, supported the design proposal.
  • Team 2019-314 – The Archive – Texas A&M University –The jury recognized the clarity of the team’s vision and thought they proposed a very logical framework on which to hang development, while integrating all the built elements very nicely. Their solution to preserve affordable housing in a community land trust was very creative.
  • Team 2019-336 – Health On Higher Ground – Georgia Institute of Technology – The jury recognized the bold, cohesive vision of the proposal, which looked to the future by layering health and medical uses to create a new sector for the neighborhood, and backed it up with a thorough, workable financial model.
  • Team 2019-361 – Living Rooms – Georgia Institute of Technology –The jury recognized that the team had a strong vision that clearly drove their development decisions. They particularly appreciated the creativity of proposing a stormwater tax district.
  • Team 2019-383 – We+ – University of Pennsylvania – The jury recognized that the proposal was strong from a planning perspective, creating a diverse mix of uses as well as public open spaces that included ecological features, served the buildings, and flowed together well.
  • Team 2019-386 – Los Tres Enlaces – University of Texas at Austin – The jury recognized the strength of the station as a central, iconic node that did not dominate the block and was surrounded by a good mix of buildings and open spaces. The jury also recognized the use of a “right to remain” policy within the affordable housing strategy to mitigate displacement.
  • Team 2019-401 – The Urban Canopy – University of Pennsylvania – The jury recognized the strength of the canopy concept, noting that it accounts for environmental factors in Miami and connects the site to the other neighborhoods. They further recognized the proposal’s compelling illustrations and detailed sense of place.
  • Team 2019-508 – La Plaza Civica – University of Texas at Austin – The jury recognized that the team carried forth their vision into a cohesive development with a good mix of uses and smart phasing. Their board is comprehensive, managing to share a lot of detail and still tell a clear story. This team also did a particularly good job of accounting for infrastructure costs.
  • Team 2019-522 – Levels – Ohio State University – The jury recognized the integration of resiliency into every aspect of the proposal.

About the 2020 Competition

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