ULI Hines Student Competition Finalist 2019: “The Landing”- The University of Texas at Austin

Original Entry Title: The Landing
Team Code: 191932
School: The University of Texas at Austin

Overview (Narrative Excerpt from Final Project Submission): “The Landing exemplifies the design potential of green infrastructure projects that create vibrant public and commercial spaces promoting perpetual and meaningful social connectivity. The project’s emphasis on green infrastructure and renewable district energy production aligns with the Cincinnati Green Plan in its effort to make the city 100% renewable energy by 2035. These projects put Cincinnati at the forefront of sustainability in cities and act as the gateway from a coal powered, industrial past into a sustainable and connected future…. By bridging together the design of dynamic public spaces and ecologically sustainable connected systems, The Landing solidifies Cincinnati as the model for twenty-first century urbanism and development.”





Academic Adviser:

  • Simon Atkinson, Mike Hogg Centennial Professor, School of Architecture

Professional Adviser:

Final Submission Materials:

Original Submission Materials:

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