2004 Hines Competition Finalist – Harvard University

“Strip Landing”

Team 8177
Harvard University

Harvard University’s team was one of many that proposed to knit together the various uses that surround the site by extending their characteristics into the site. Along the Allegheny, riverfront connections are strengthened; at the western, Convention Center end, Pittsburgh’s cultural district extends into the site; along Smallman Street, the Strip District’s existing fabric expands into the site; and at the eastern end, the team proposes to initiate housing to create a higher-end residential district along the river. The jury believed this proposal to be believable and achievable, with strong urban design ideas supported by development documentation.

Graduate School of Design
Department of Urban Planning & Design
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jun Lyle Kamesaki, Master of Design Studies in Real Estate and Urban Development
Elizabeth Martin, Master of Urban Planning
Joshua Katzin, Master of Business Administration (HBS)
Modesto Bigas-Valedon, Master of Architecture in Urban Design
Kenneth Francis, Master of Landscape Architecture

Faculty Adviser: Richard M. Sommer
Professional Adviser: Tony Kwan, Cosmoland Design and Development (Framingham)

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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