2019 WLI Hines Innovation Grant Awardees

Four District Council WLI groups were awarded WLI Hines Innovation Grants at the 2019 Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C. The awards, totaling $25,000, were presented by Katie Wiacek, Managing Director, Hines and represent the second of three years of WLI Hines Innovation grants. Read more about the winners below!

ULI Boston: Women in Real Estate: The Speaker + Digital Content Initiative

This initiative will give all members of ULI Boston’s WLI Steering Committee and Council the opportunity to hone their skills making short presentations to a focused audience at quarterly WLI events over the next year. The presentations will be recorded for each speaker’s continued use. Additionally, each speaker will participate in a complementary digital program, offering more in-depth commentary on their presentation topics and serving the dual purpose of offering critical experience speaking on a different media platform while also generating content that can be used to promote WLI and ULI.

ULI New York: Real Estate Talks with Generation Z

WLI New York will raise awareness among female high school students about career opportunities in the real estate industry with this initiative. Using both videos and in-person engagement opportunities, WLI New York members will highlight the diverse backgrounds, strengths, and interests that can lead to success in all real estate-related fields.

ULI Washington: WLI Market Exchange

This WLI program is an annual curated trip for 15 to 25 women CRE professionals with a breadth of backgrounds to experience a different U.S. real estate market from their own. The goals of the WLI Market Exchange are to build connections between WLI chapters, create opportunities for women in CRE to network on a national scale, and to observe CRE trends in other markets. This grant will provide a scholarship to an emerging WLI leader who may otherwise not be able to attend the WLI Market Exchange, and will support a jointly presented WLI event for 80-100 people in the host city.

ULI Toronto: WLI Toronto Podcast 

This District Council will expand on their She with He podcast series over the coming year to be more inclusive of WLI Toronto’s program of work. The podcast will focus on themes of female leadership, mentorship, city building, challenges, and career development, and will feature conversations with women from across the District Council network.

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