Emeryville Center of Community Life- 2017 Global Awards for Excellence Finalist

Emeryville Center of Community Life

Location: Emeryville, California, United States
Developers: Turner Construction Company, Andrew Pitts, Swinerton Management & Consulting
Designers: Nexus Partners, DSK Architects, Mark Seiberlich Concordia, Steven Bingler, MKThink, Steve Kelley
Site Size: 7.6 Acres

The Emeryville Center of Community Life (ECCL) is a ground-breaking Joint Use Partnership between the Emery Unified School District (EUSD) and City of Emeryville. The $96 million center brings educational, health, family, and recreational services onto one central site and provides opportunities for other partners to offer community-enriching services. The ECCL maximizes the return on investment of taxpayer dollars by optimizing facility utilization and providing an important community resource for all of Emeryville’s residents.

Located on 7.1 acres, the 130,000sf Center features: 21st century flexible STEM classrooms, dedicated community welcome center, community multi-use space and senior lounge that provides a venue for community events, weddings, banquets, Pre-K on-site daycare, a 13,000 squarefoot family wellness center and a school-based health and dental clinic that offers basic and preventative services to students and community members, a school and community library, a large central community commons used during the day for school recreation and play and during non-school hours as a community event space to host movie nights, arts festivals, and other events, upper and lower school cafeteria spaces that convert into community accessible multi-use event and performance space during non-school hours, kitchen facilities that can be used by any member of the community, school and community recreation resources including a cardio fitness center, dance studio, swimming pool, and new athletic fields, and space for vocational, job training, and community college classes.

Area Plan
Area Plan
Athletic Field ©Christopher Stark 2016
Athletic Field
©Christopher Stark 2016
Sport Courts ©Christopher Stark 2016
Sport Courts
©Christopher Stark 2016
Community Center Lobby ©Christopher Stark 2016
Community Center Lobby
©Christopher Stark 2016

Fifteen years in the making, ECCL is one of the nation’s first joint-use facilities where City and School cooperatively occupy a shared site. So novel was City-School district partnership that it required state legislation to modify the California Education Code, which prior to enactment restricted nonschool use of school buildings. School Board President John Affeldt stated, “Communities across the nation will be looking to Emeryville to emulate our unique partnership.”

The ECCL is the vision for a “community school that provides wrap-around supports for an enhanced educational experience while creating a community hub to strengthen the bonds among Emeryville residents of all ages.”

NEXUS PARTNERS – dsk, Concordia, and MKThink are proud contributors to the programming, planning, design, community engagement and construction of the ECCL.. Turner Construction Company served as the Lease-Leaseback builder and Swinerton Management and Consulting provided construction management services.


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