Punto Urban Art Museum (PUAM) – 2020 ULI Urban Open Space Awards Special Mention

Youth enjoying a mural by a local artist. Photo Credit: Creative Collective

Location: Salem, Massachusetts, United States
Owner: North Shore Community Development Coalition
Designer: North Shore Community Development Coalition, supported by the City of Salem, MA
Additional Team Members: A list of contributing artists is available at http://puntourbanartmuseum.org/open-air-museum/artists.
Site Size: 11.4 acres (4.6 hectares)
Number of People Served (within a half-mile): 10,000
Opened: June 1, 2017
Website: http://puntourbanartmuseum.org/





Im_Migration Light and Sound Exhibit. Photo Credit: NSCDC
Youth transitional housing building covered in a mural. Photo Credit: NSCDC













North Shore CDC’s Punto Urban Art Museum (PUAM) is a 500,000 square foot open space with 100 public murals installed on or adjacent to deed restricted affordable housing or on small businesses. International, national, regional, and local artists who represent the Dominican culture of residents completed the murals, using creative placemaking to define the neighborhood as a creative tourist destination. PUAM also has indoor and outdoor public space for special events and resident use, regular tours for student groups and others, basketball court, and hosts regular public engagement activities such as an annual art festival (Fiesta en la Calle). Using creative placemaking and resident engagement, North Shore CDC aims to share the history and role of immigration in the Point neighborhood, with visitors, student groups, and others, including how redlining and racism in our country throughout history is at the root of issues faced by blighted neighborhoods nationwide. PUAM is an example of how we can change these outcomes.

PUAM has received national media attention and is recognized by international travel guides such as Lonely Planet, where it was listed as the #1 destination in Salem in 2018.

Inside NSCDC_s offices listening to staff presentation. Photo Credit: NSCDC
Fly kids dance at annual Fiesta En La Calle. Photo Credit: Jared Charney Photography

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