Transit-Oriented Development Council (TODC)


The role of the Transit-Oriented Development Council (TODC) is to educate and promote best practices for high quality development in and around transit. With a rapidly growing world population and more than 50% of the earth’s inhabitants living in our cities and straining our infrastructure and quality-of-life, “smart growth” is no longer a good idea, it is an imperative.

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) directly advances the Urban Land Institute’s core missions of urbanization, conservation, regeneration, smart land use and sustainable development. TOD creates walkable development (urban and suburban) in our cities and towns by connecting residential, retail, office and institutional developments with public amenities and high capacity transit to reduce significantly or eliminate the need for automobiles.

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Interest Areas

  • Facilitating mixed use development at transit stations
  • Facilitating redevelopment of obsolete uses at or near transit stations
  • Advancing public/private partnerships
  • Overcoming obstacles and constraints in financial underwriting and market acceptance
  • Advancing the role of public investment, primarily in infrastructure
  • Sharing best practices in design, engineering, and execution
  • Incorporating Affordable and Workforce Housing