Small-Scale Development Council (SSDC)


The mission of the Small-Scale Development Council (SSDC) is to inform its members of topics which are relevant, timely and provide clear take-home value via unfiltered presentations fostered by a culture of trust, respect and confidence.

SSDC’s membership is drawn from the spectrum of entrepreneurial real estate investment, who are generally not limited to one specific property type and generally focused on loosely defined “smaller” projects.  The Council’s members include developers, investors, brokers (leasing and capital), capital sources (debt and equity) and service providers (lawyers, architects, etc). The council strives to maintain a membership that is diverse in experience and background, as we believe this accurately reflects the universe of participants and most importantly, that each member can learn from every other member.

SSDC members take it upon themselves to offer candid advice and mentorship, regardless of each counterparty’s stature in the industry, in order to perpetuate the historically strong bonds between members of the SSDC community.

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Interest Areas

  • The development or redevelopment of, or investment in, the universe of real estate property types
  • Focused on the participants active in such transactions detailing the lifecycle of such investments
  • Presentation of topics relevant to entrepreneurial real estate investment firms