Juanita Hardy

Juanita Hardy is Senior Visiting Fellow for Creative Placemaking for Urban Land Institute. Her work supports the Institute’s mission of responsible land use by deepening and broadening ULI’s focus on creative placemaking – employing art, culture and design in real estate development and community revitalization – and is delivered through ULI’s content programs and services and its member networks, including its 55 district councils that span the US.

Hardy has a passion for making business and cultural connections that foster healthy, thriving, and culturally rich places to work, live, and enjoy.  She founded Tiger Management Consulting Group, a global training and business consulting services firm, after retiring from IBM in 2005.  Hardy has over 43 years of business experience, including 31 years with IBM, and over 35 years in the arts as a nonprofit leader, trustee, collector, and patron of the arts.  For IBM, she led many client transformational leadership initiatives and frequently coached leaders on making change at the individual and organizational level.  Her work with Tiger Management included helping clients build successful relationships with businesses in other countries and cultures.

As SVF for ULI, Hardy has done extensive research and identified best practices, conducted an assessment on the presence of creative placemaking at ULI, launched a communications campaign aimed at raising awareness and understanding of creative placemaking through articles and presentations at ULI’s Fall and Winter Meetings and external conferences, and worked with many ULI District Councils in the US and ULI Europe on programming and capacity building activities.

Hardy is the former Executive Director of CulturalDC, a nonprofit committed to making space for artists and art organizations and fostering cultural and economic vibrancy in communities through its creative placemaking services. While at CulturalDC, she worked closely with area developers to integrate arts and culture into development projects across the Washington, D.C., area. She served as an awards program juror for the ULI Washington District Council’s Real Estate Trends Conference for three years, 2015-2017.

Since 2006, Hardy has served as an executive coach with Right Management, a global human capital development firm, and has served on many nonprofit art boards dating to the 1980s. She co-founded Millennium Arts Salon, an art education initiative, in 2000.  Hardy is an accomplished writer and public speaker.  Her writing includes a trilogy of creative placemaking articles in Urban Land magazine (June 2016-October 2017).  Her most recent article, “The Business Case for Creative Placemaking,” can be viewed in the Fall 2018 edition of Urban Land Magazine.


Selected Writing and Speaking Engagements

  • Urban Land magazine article, “The Business Case of Creative Placemaking”, Juanita Hardy, Fall 2018
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  • Urban Land magazine article, “10 Best Practices for Creative Placemaking”, Juanita Hardy, March/April 2017
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  • ULI Fall and Spring Meetings:
    • The Creative Placemaking Dividend: How Art and Culture Enhance the Bottom Line and Promote Healthy, Equitable, Thriving Places, moderator, concurrent session at Boston Fall Meeting 2018 (planned)
    • Building Triple-Duty Public Spaces: How Trails and Parks Are Promoting Resilience, the Arts, and Economic Development, moderator, concurrent session at Detroit Spring Meeting 2018
    • Creating Places We Love at the Intersection of Art, Health and Real Estate, Los Angles Fall Meeting 2017
    • Maximizing Project Success through Best Practices in Creative Placemaking, Seattle Spring Meeting 2017
    • The Value of Creative Placemaking, Dallas Fall Meeting 2016
  • ULI Europe Conference 2018
    • The Creative Placemaking Dividend, ULI Europe Urban Regeneration Product Council, September 2018, Dublin, Ireland
    • Creative Placemaking: Benefits and Best Practices, ULI Europe Real Estate Forum, September 2018, Dublin, Ireland
    • Creative Placemaking Best Practices, Young Leader’s Summer School – Masterclass, September 2018, Dublin, Ireland
  • ULI District and National Council events
    • Creative Placemaking Benefits and Best Practices, ULI UK: Art, Digital Engagement and Urban Regeneration, Urban Art Forum, September 2018, London, England
    • Creative Placemaking: Best Practices and Implementation, BCT Architects knowledge sharing series, Baltimore, MD, May 2018
    • Creative Placemaking: Best Practices and Implementation, ULI Washington Urban Regional Land Use Leadership Institute, February 2018
    • Implementing Creative Placemaking, ULI Charlotte Women’s Leadership Initiative, Charlotte, NC, January 2018
    • Creative Placemaking and Houston Street Charrette, ULI San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, January 2018
    • Creative Placemaking, Parks, and Public Spaces, ULI North Florida, Tallahassee, FL, September 2017
    • Implementing Creative Placemaking in Real Estate, ULI Central Florida Signature Event, Orlando, FL, August 2017
    • Intentional Placemaking, ULI Washington Trends Conference, Washington DC, April 2017

For additional information and resources, visit:  www.uli.org/creativeplacemaking