ULI District Council Partnerships

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Infrastructure connects neighborhoods to cities, cities to metropolitan regions, and metropolitan regions to nations. Delivering high quality infrastructure across cultural and political boundaries requires coordinating across regions.

ULI Infrastructure Initiative supports efforts to foster partnerships between the public and private sectors at the regional level through a program of work that encourages dialogue, examines innovative technologies, and shares best practices.

The ULI/Curtis Regional Infrastructure Project was the first major regional partnership initiative undertaken by the Infrastructure Initiative. Launched in 2008, the Curtis Project worked with ULI Chicago, ULI Seattle (now ULI Northwest), ULI Minnesota, and the five ULI district councils in Florida to address the relationship between infrastructure and land use, including sustainability and housing, at the regional level. Three principles organized the work of the Curtis Project:

  • Convene the resources of the private, public and non-profit sectors.
  • Take advocacy into the implementation stage.
  • Advance technical innovation.

Regional Partnership Initiatives

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Paul Angelone 
Senior Director, Curtis Infrastructure Initiative