How the Greenprint Performance Report Works

Follow the instructions below to evaluate your property using the Greenprint Performance Report:

  1. Download the latest Greenprint Performance Report.
  2. Collect energy data and floor area for your property; make sure to include all sources of energy, including electricity, fuel, and district heat.
  3. Multiply the energy data by the correct emissions factor to calculate total emissions; emissions factors can be sourced from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or the U.S. EPA’s eGrid.
  4. To benchmark performance, divide total energy (in kWh) by the associated floor area, and compare against appropriate property type benchmarks in the Industry Benchmarks and Analysis section of the report.
  5. A similar analysis can be performed for water use.
  6. If you have any questions, please reach out to

Contact Greenprint

Please e-mail ULI Greenprint Center for more information about the Greenprint Performance Report and becoming a member.