Shaw Forum

Charlie Shaw

The ULI/Charles H. Shaw Forum on Urban Community Issues brings together approximately 25 experts and leading practitioners of urban development and public leadership to address the challenges and opportunities of urban neighborhoods. Shaw Forums have covered such topics as capitalizing on the new markets tax credit; involving the community in neighborhood planning; making parks accessible to the community; community development corporations partnering with for-profit developers; managing gentrification; and green affordable housing.

Former ULI chairman, ULI Chicago trustee, chairman of the Shaw Company, and developer of Homan Square, Charles (“Charlie”) H. Shaw (1933−2006) was instrumental in moving forward several key areas of the Institute’s program of work, including advancing discussion of the revitalization of urban neighborhoods and global expansion efforts. In 2001, Charlie endowed the ULI/Charles H. Shaw Forum on Urban Community Issues for the purpose of sustaining the creative exchange of ideas and knowledge for how the public and private sectors can work together on urban development matters.


Shaw Forum Summaries

2017: Partnering to Improve Health through the Built Environment
The 2017 Shaw Forum brought together staff and members from eight membership organizations (the American Institute of Architects, American Planning Association, American Public Health Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Society of Landscape Architects, National Recreation and Park Association, Urban Land Institute, and U.S. Green Building Council) to discuss establishing effective partnerships to improve health through the built environment.

2016: Food and Real Estate
At this year’s forum, the ULI Building Healthy Places Initiative and the ULI Center for Sustainability convened developers, property owners, investors, restaurateurs, farmers, and policy-makers to explore the role that food can play in placemaking, revitalization efforts, and economic development. ULI is grateful to the Shaw Family and the Colorado Health Foundation for their support of this forum.

2015: Green Infrastructure
The 2015 forum brought together 27 public officials, architects, developers, builders, and leaders in green infrastructure from across the United States to discuss low-impact-development strategies and learn from policies in place in Philadelphia.

2014: Revitalizing Urban Corridors
In this installment of the Shaw Forum participants will focus on how cities, property owners, developers, community residents and other stakeholders can drive redevelopment strategies at the corridor scale.

2013: Building from Strength: Connecting Real Estate Investment to Quality Urban Public Education
This year’s convening addressed the correlation between urban school performance and the prosperity of urban neighborhoods.

2012: Innovative Public-Private Partnerships and Finance
In conjunction with the Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate, this year’s forum brought together public and private leaders with recent involvement in public-private partnerships for the purpose of investigating the current economy’s influence on financing and structuring these partnerships.

2011: The Future of Publicly Financed Redevelopment
A review and discussion about the end of state funding for redevelopment in California and the implications on redevelopment practice across the country.

2009: Innovative Uses of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)
A topical discussion of the immediate lessons learned and promising practices for localities trying to maximize the opportunity presented by NSP.

2008: Marketing, Managing, and Maintaining Mixed-Income Communities
This year’s forum engaged participants to describe the components for success in managing and maintaining mixed-income housing. The discussion tended to be oriented toward mixed-income rental units, with less discussion about matters specific to owner-occupied mixed-income housing.

2007: Environmentally Sustainable Affordable Housing
An examination of the challenges that currently hinder widespread implementation of green building practices by developers of affordable housing.

2006: Managing Gentrification
Forum participants reviewed and discussed case studies of urban gentrification to see what recommendations can be derived from their experience to revitalize communities without displacing the people or eliminating affordable housing.

2005: Parks, People, and Places: Making Parks Accessible to the Community
Forum attendees examined how public spaces help increase property values in nearby neighborhoods and fostering greater civic involvement.

2004:  Involving the Community in Neighborhood Planning
Centered on planning for constructive change, this year’s forum examined case studies of neighborhoods where the community did the planning with the objective is to see what larger scale principles could be derived from their experience.

2003: Capitalizing on the New Markets Tax Credit
This edition of the Shaw Forum brought together community development organizations, private developers, and investors to discuss how to build partnerships that take advantage of the opportunities offered by this new tax credit, as well as hear from current allocatees about their plans.

2002: Community Development Corporations Working with For-Profit Developers
Co-sponsored with the National Congress for Community Economic Development, the event explored the potential for partnerships between CDCs and for-profit developers.

2001: Sustaining Urban Mixed-Income Communities: The Role of Community Facilities
The first event focused on how community facilities such as schools, community centers, and job training centers can play an important role in creating and sustaining mixed-income communities.