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Federal Boulevard

About the Corridor


ULI Colorado and partners are working on a 2.5 mile segment of Federal Boulevard near the Chaffee Park neighborhood, bordering Regis University. The eight-lane corridor is dominated by strip land uses (including motels, used-car lots, and fast food restaurants), lacks sidewalks, and traffic safety is a major issue. Five low-income census tracts lie adjacent to the study area. A major greenway, Clear Creek, runs under Federal but neighborhood connectivity is insufficient. There is also an underutilized viewpoint of the Rocky Mountains along the corridor. However, two new rail stations coming in 2016 show positive movement for change in this corridor, and promising things are happening along Federal Boulevard, including the new Aria development and its partnership with Regis University to promote healthier living.

Local Workshop

The Denver workshop successfully achieved buy-in and engagement from three political jurisdictions that govern the study section (City of Denver, Adams County, and City of Westminster) and the engagement of diverse stakeholders. Key issues that arose during the workshop included the need to improve sidewalks and connectivity, enhance opportunities for new retail and services, and upgrade water infrastructure. Next steps include working with Adams County on infrastructure funding and working across the three jurisdictions to create an inter-governmental structure to support corridor-wide improvements.

The Denver local workshop was held on July 9th, 2015. To read more about other demonstration corridors’ local workshops, click here.

National Study Visit

Along Federal, a study section that encompasses three jurisdictions, the key study questions included: 

  • How can the three jurisdictions work together, specifically to promote health?
  • What are the opportunities for new retail along the corridor?
  • What types of funding and partnership strategies would be best?
  • How can concerns about gentrification be addressed?
  • What is the lead role for each stakeholder entity?

Participants recommended coalescing development around four activity nodes located at key intersections: one in the city of Denver, two in Adams County, and one in the city of Westminster. These nodes can be places to coordinate public investment and concentrate private development, craft unique identities, improve the retail opportunities along the corridor, and enhance the built environment. Other recommendations include: leveraging existing development and anchor institutions to better serve existing residents; using new infrastructure—such as medians, an enhanced roadway edge, and new connections to existing trails—to connect neighborhoods across the corridor; reducing traffic speeds to improve safety; addressing water capacity constraints with a comprehensive approach and upfront capital; and a dual-level approach to partnerships, critical with multiple jurisdictions involved, where elected officials set policy and a technical group focuses on implementation.

The Denver National Study Visit was held January 19-21, 2016. View final presentation. Read about the National Study Visits for other Demonstration Corridors.

In the News

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August 17, 2015
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Expert Panel to Advise County on Federal Boulevard Framework Plan
July 15, 2015
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