Demonstration Corridors

The eight communities below involved in the ULI Healthy Corridors project are referred to as Demonstration Corridors. Each Demonstration Corridor demonstrates the value of strong cross-sector partnerships, thoughtful community engagement strategies, and the potential health impact on surrounding communities and vulnerable populations. After a competitive application process with ULI’s District Councils, each Demonstration Corridor formed a local leadership group, with experts in land use, real estate development, design, health, and community engagement. The local leadership groups help to shape the Healthy Corridors project at the local level for each corridor, including planning local workshops and participating in national forums. To read about redeveloped corridors across the country, click here.

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South Broadway
Englewood, Colorado

Highway 71B
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Rice & Larpenteur Gateway
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Grays Ferry Corridor
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vista Avenue
Boise, Idaho

Federal Boulevard
Denver, Colorado


Van Nuys Boulevard
Los Angeles, California


Charlotte Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee



  • National Experts Provide Input and Recommendations to ULI’s Demonstration Corridors (February 2016)
  • Local workshops bring stakeholders together to improve health along four commercial corridors (September 2015)
  • From Dismal to Great: Recap and Resources from Healthy Corridors Concurrent Session at Fall Meeting (Fall 2015)

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