Parks and Open Space Resource Library

Developed by the 10-Minute Walk Campaign, the Park and Open Space Resource Library provides examples of and strategies for transformative development through parks and open space. A collection of nearly 100 ULI case studies, advisory reports, publications, and Urban Land articles, the resource library highlights the multiple benefits of parks and open spaces and showcases how ULI members are helping to deliver those benefits. Sign up for Campaign updates here.

These Resources explore a variety of park and open space topics and best practices for:

  • Leveraging parks and open space for project success
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Design for health and resilience
  • Urban greenways and linear parks
  • Public incentives for park creation
  • Mobility, connectivity, and accessibility
  • Achieving equity and inclusivity
  • Securing community support
  • Catalyzing development and stabilizing neighborhoods

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