Redevelopment and Reuse Council (RRC)


Evolving demographics, regulatory constraints, and market forces are driving changes in land use, including industrial, office, retail, residential, mixed-use, institutional, and supporting infrastructure. In light of those factors, redevelopment and reuse are emerging disciplines which hold much promise in creating new real estate value, producing jobs, promoting resource efficient development, and creating resilient communities.  These disciplines will play a significant part in shaping future land use and all aspects of real estate practice, especially financing and connecting capital and real estate through value creation.

The mission of the Redevelopment and Reuse Council is to explore, across all product types, best practices and lessons learned in the disciplines of rehabilitation, green retrofits, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings, as well as the redevelopment of brownfields and greyfields.

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Interest Areas

  • Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Greyfield Redevelopment
  • Historic Preservation and Rehabilitation
  • Adaptive Reuse and Repositioning of Existing Buildings
  • Green Retrofits to Improve Operating Performance of Existing Buildings
  • Creative Financing and Implementation