Public/Private Partnership Council (PPPC)


The mission of the Public/Private Partnership Council (PPPC) is to develop, refine and disseminate best practices for effective real estate public/private partnerships.  The Council is a vibrant community of practitioners who learn from one another through hands-on examination of projects, discussion and debate of emerging industry trends, and the development of resources to improve outcomes for both the public and private sectors.

The Council offers members the opportunity to examine completed projects in the cities where it meets through first hand review of sites and presentations by the public/private development teams that made them happen.  All property types are considered by the Council, as long as they have a tangible development and investment component from public and private sources.

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Interest Areas

  • Examination of Best Industry Practices and Innovative Projects
  • Financing Strategies Ranging From Traditional Private and Public Funding Sources to Unique Structures
  • Public/Private Partnership Negotiations and Implementation
  • Case Studies of Successful as Well as Challenging Projects
  • Enhanced Education Regarding the Motivations of the Parties in Partnerships
  • Building and Maintaining Trust Between Public and Private Partners
  • Incorporating Additional Partners (Non-Profits, Foundations, etc.) Into the Public/Private Partnership Process