Public Development and Infrastructure Council (PDIC)


The mission of the Public Development and Infrastructure Council (PDIC) is to provide leadership to public sector decision makers and private sector partners who are involved in public development projects at the city, state, and federal level.  The interest of the real estate industry in public real estate market opportunities is increasing, at the same time the federal government, ULI and national industry groups have recognized that increased investment in public works, facilities and infrastructure is critical to the future growth and development of the United States.

The Council has a particular interest in public projects that tap into private sector expertise, resources, or partnerships. There is increased interest in public-private partnerships at both the governmental and private sector level. The membership participation and programs sponsored by this Council will highlight best practices in the development of public projects for public sector use.  It would include those project types that that have significant private sector involvement (incl. financing or operations) as well as the challenges presented by more traditional public development projects.

The public sector’s role in influencing and effecting development, particularly in public infrastructure, is the basic focus of this Council. The creation of public open space and how the public sector influences strategic investments in infrastructure and building construction to promote resilient development is a unique interest of this Council.

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Interest Areas

  • Public projects that integrate private sector expertise in project delivery, financing, operations, etc.
  • The planning, design, construction, sales, financing and leasing of public developments and infrastructure
  • Large, multi-phased development projects that require government leadership
  • Resilient public infrastructure and open space
  • Industry best practices, lessons learned, and case studies
  • Public development trends and market influences