Eligibility Requirements

All submissions—regardless of location—are entered into a single competition rather than separated into regions. All projects compete in a single category in the ULI Global Awards for Excellence. Project typologies are commonly used to facilitate the jury evaluation process. But different project typologies are not pre-assigned a number or portion of the selected finalists or winners. The ULI Global Awards for Excellence accepts submissions from all project types relevant to the built environment. Development projects and programs of any type and in any location that meet the relevant eligibility requirements below may be submitted for a ULI Global Award for Excellence:

  • The project must be in stabilized operation and must be financially viable.
  • The project must be complete; however, the project need not be newly constructed.
  • The project must achieve a high standard of excellence in all areas—design, planning, construction, economics, and management.
  • The project must demonstrate relevance to the contemporary and future needs of the community in which it is located.
  • The project must provide lessons, strategies, and techniques that can be used or adapted in other communities. Programs and processes—such as
  • Growth management strategies, publicly guided development programs, and other built environment initiatives are eligible if they have been significantly implemented.

2019 Schedule

Please note that the program is on a hiatus during 2018. It will return in 2019, with a submission period starting in late 2018.

For additional information, please contact awards@uli.org.

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