Urban Design and Architecture

Struggling to integrate urban design with development and market realities?

Effective urban design solutions enhance the performance of retail, residential, office, and other development. Design also creates a unique sense of place and a memorable experience for residents and visitors. Increasingly, selective shoppers and residents look for high-quality urban design when deciding where to live, work, and shop.

Advisory Services panels explore urban design challenges in the context of the needs of the market, the development community, and implementation agencies. Panels help sponsors invest strategically in design to catalyze growth and enhance image.

Corridor Redevelopment

Many commercial, retail, and entertainment uses tend to cluster around road corridors. Many of these older corridors are in need substantial revitalization. Let a ULI Advisory Panel provide the type of candid advice necessary to more toward a comprehensive revitalization strategy. The planners, designers, economic development specialists, economists, and public sector members who serve on such panels bring a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding the placemaking, infrastructure, transportation, and code revision approaches necessary to transform these corridors into to the economic engines they were originally intended to be.

Examples of corridor redevelopment panels include:

Stockton Boulevard
Sacramento, California
North End
Charlotte, North Carolina

Garfield Corridor
Chicago, Illinois

Historic Preservation

The architectural and historic preservation talent within the ULI membership is considerable. Linked with the practical talent of ULI developers, financiers, and market analysts, these preservation experts can provide actionable and achievable strategies to guarantee preservation while meeting the project’s overall real estate investment goals.

Examples of historic preservation panels include:

MLK Library
Washington, D.C.

Historic Rail Yards
Albuquerque, New Mexico


Placemaking is both the process and philosophy of creating exciting, functional, and healthy communities. In ULI placemaking panel, community leaders, developers, architects, urban designers, financiers, and marketing experts combine their talents to listen to a community and help provide a holistic solution to creating a place, not just a project.

Examples of placemaking panels include:

St Pete
St. Petersburg, Florida
Fremont, California
Detroit, Michigan

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