Economic Growth and Development

For 60 years, Advisory Services panels have helped communities hone their competitive advantage by integrating land use and economic development on topics including industrial development, general economic development, shopping mall redevelopment, employment generation, hospital and life sciences, and real estate finance.

Panels explore a community’s strengths and offer candid, third-party perspective on ways to improve economic development strategies. Recommendations also tie economic development goals to land use.

All ULI panel teams include professionals with diverse points of view—engineers, developers, planners, designers, investors, market analysts, and public officials—who work together to generate grounded, innovative solutions.

Shopping Mall Redevelopment

Transforming a large indoor shopping facility to meet the needs of the new millennial customer is an exercise in both planning and design and in reassessing market advantage of a specific location. This process also calls for reconsidering the financial and debt issues that often accompany the large facilities.

Examples of shopping mall redevelopment panels include:

Eastland Mall
Charlotte, North Carolina

Southwest Center Mall
Dallas, Texas

Jamestown Mall
St Louis, Missouri

Industrial Development

Industrial development has evolved dramatically over the past 20 years. The success of transforming large industrial sites and corridors from heavy industrial uses to high tech, clean tech, and mixed use has been responsible for remaking and reinventing many cities, locations, and regions. ULI panels can focus the knowledge and expertise of its membership toward strategies and tactics that lay the land use and real estate groundwork to allow this transformation to be successful.

Examples of industrial development panels include:

Chesterfield County

Cleantech Corridor
Los Angeles, California


Employment Generation

Most successful communities emphasize employment generation as a core principle for achieving economic development goals. Successful employment generation is no longer the simple recipe that emphasizes low-value land with good highway access. Instead, it is now a complex formula of talent retention, educational opportunities, quality-of-life issues, and physical and electronic connectivity, as well as entertainment and cultural opportunities for employees and customers alike. ULI panels can evaluate a community’s assets and align its strengths and opportunities with a comprehensive program of land use, real estate investment, and partnership opportunities to ensure success.

Examples of employment generation panels include:


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