If You Are a Sponsor

Sponsors play a central role in the success of Advisory Services panels. From the very beginning, sponsors work with ULI staff to develop a unique panel program. Sponsors are involved in all aspects of planning—from defining the panel scope and assignment and developing background materials and resources for panelists to identifying local resources and stakeholders for the panel to interview, including business leaders, community leaders, real estate leaders, residents, public officials, and others with helpful insights.

“As a former sponsor, the ASP is a cost-effective peer review from unbiased professionals, without a conflict of interest. As a former panel member, ASP is a way to give back to ULI and another community, while learning from the best in the business.”—Jeff Kingsbury

Advisory Services Panel for Portland and South Portland’s Waterfronts


Ready to Learn More?

Paul Bernard
Executive Vice President, Advisory Services
E-mail: Paul.Bernard@uli.org

Tom Eitler
Senior Vice President, Advisory Services
E-mail: Tom.Eitler@uli.org

Deb Kerson Bilek
Vice President, Advisory Services
E-mail: Deborah.Bilek@uli.org

Paul Angelone
Senior Director, Advisory Services
E-mail: Paul.angelone@uli.org

Lauren Callaghan
Director, Advisory Services
E-mail: Lauren.Callaghan@uli.org

Jacqueline Canales
Director, Advisory Services
E-mail: Jacqueline.Canales@uli.org

Kelsey Steffen
Director, Advisory Services
E-mail: Kelsey.Steffen@uli.org

Georgia Gempler
Senior Associate, Advisory Services
E-mail: Georgia.Gempler@uli.org

David Zehr
Senior Associate, Advisory Services
E-mail: David.Zehr@uli.org