ULI Greenprint Talks about Green Building Certification with the Atlantic

Greenprint Executive Director Helen Gurfel

Greenprint’s executive director, Helen Gurfel, along with Scot Horst of the U.S. Green Building Council, Deborah Kuo of Exelon, and moderator Sommer Mathis of the Atlantic, discussed the impact of green building certifications at the Atlantic‘s Energy and Infrastructure Super Summit in Washington, D.C.

“What we’re seeing from studies that are done is that it’s becoming more and more important to do city-specific benchmarks” such as climate when evaluating green building performance, Gurfel said.

At the summit, the Atlantic gathered a select group of senior leaders for conversations on innovative water conservation efforts, evolving green building standards, and the future of energy policy and infrastructure investment through one-on-one interviews and panel discussions.

More information about this presentation and others from the event can be found on the AtlanticLive website.

Watch the Panel

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