ULI Hines Student Competition Finalist 2019: “Cincinnati United” – The University of Texas at Austin

Original Entry Title: Cincinnati United
Team Code: 193737
School: The University of Texas at Austin

Overview (Narrative Excerpt from Original Project Submission): “Cincinnati United seeks to reconsider the city’s southern edge as a welcoming gateway that honors the past, celebrates the future, and encourages unity and collaboration. The river boundary is reimagined as a boardwalk that hosts recreation and cultural expression for all. The boardwalk connects the site physically from east to west. A section of the boardwalk lifts above the historic Roebling bridge and anchors the site by joining with a community center. The new center is located directly across from the Underground Railroad museum and engages with it formally. This axis of history and activity facilitates a unified corridor beginning on the Kentucky side of the river and extending into the heart of Cincinnati.”





Academic Adviser:

  • Simon Atkinson, Mike Hogg Centennial Professor, School of Architecture

Professional Adviser:

Final Submission Materials:

  • Presentation Board – Available in April
  • Design/Financial Report – Available in April

Original Submission Materials:


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