ULI Hines Student Competition Finalist 2019: “Cincinnati United” – The University of Texas at Austin

Original Entry Title: Cincinnati United
Team Code: 193737
School: The University of Texas at Austin

Overview (Narrative Excerpt from Final Project Submission): “Cincinnati United provides a 21st century gateway into the city by reimagining a historically divisive edge as a welcoming threshold. While honoring the past, it also defines a future focused on diversity and collaboration. This iconic new development is achieved through several parallel strategies. A new cultural hub, Freedom Hall, integrates closely with the existing Freedom Center and a dynamic new boardwalk, as well as a repositioned park and riverfront. Simultaneously, a progressive, mixed-use development strategy commences with the creation of significant density above the freeway, bridging to downtown and descending into a lively, riverfront village. Improved streetscapes and connectivity facilitate a rich pedestrian environment throughout the entire development. Transit, attractions, and green spaces are linked not only within the newly activated district, but also throughout the region. Phasing is optimized to generate revenue, residency, and an attractive identity for the site.”





Academic Adviser:

  • Simon Atkinson, Mike Hogg Centennial Professor, School of Architecture

Professional Adviser:

Final Submission Materials:

Original Submission Materials:


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