ULI Hines Student Competition 2019 Finalist: “The ANCHOR”- University of Cincinnati

Original Entry Title: The ANCHOR
Team Code: 190506
School: University of Cincinnati

Overview (Narrative Excerpt from Original Project Submission): “The ANCHOR not only bridges the riverfront to downtown but binds the region. Promoting current and proposed transportation infrastructure, the ANCHOR becomes a place of convergence. The ANCHOR serves as a critical base for industries that endorse start-up innovation, creativeness, and wellness on a regional scale. The ANCHOR expands the riverfront by constructing significant resilience strategies in the development of pedestrian thoroughfares and an extension of the river trail. The ANCHOR provides a true place of multidisciplinary collaboration and user centric focus through a regional scope to fasten the urban core.”




Academic Advisers:

  • Frank Russell, AIA Associate Professor-Educator, Multidisciplinary Initiatives, Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education
  • Danilo Palazzo, Director, School of Planning

Professional Adviser:

Final Submission Materials:

  • Presentation Board – Available in April
  • Design/Financial Report – Available in April

Original Submission Materials:

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