ULI Hines Student Competition 2018 Finalist: “Don River Landing”- University of Maryland

Original Entry Title: Point Passage
Team code:
University of Maryland

Overview (Narrative excerpt from final submission)

“Don River Landing is a dynamic mixed-use community situated on the eastern bank of the Don River. From its strategic location adjacent to the largest planned real estate development in Canada, Don River Landing links Toronto’s traditional downtown to a powerful new economic, cultural, and transit-oriented hub. Thoughtful planning revitalizes the river’s edge, connects the community, enriches cultural amenities, and creates Toronto’s next great neighborhood. The quay terraces down to provide access to the Don River. Community ties are built and strengthened through the market at Sunlight Square. In the heart of Sunlight Park, the landmark Edge Theatre utilizes the existing BMW dealership to host year-round events in collaboration with the Toronto International Film Festival. These elements make Don River Landing an attractive and desirable place to call home in one of the world’s great financial cities.”


  • Kevin Garzon, Master of Architecture
  • Kelly Marie Haley, Master of Architecture and Master of Historic Preservation
  • Sofie Rhoads (Team Leader), Master of Community Planning
  • Nicholas A. Shank, Professional Program in Real Estate Development
  • Timothy S. Shook, Master of Architecture

Academic advisers

  • Christian Calleri, Lecturer, Architecture
  • Margaret McFarland, Director, Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development

Professional adviser

  • Abe Rosenthal, Vice President of Development & Design, Cordish Companies

Final Submission Materials

Original Submission Materials

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