ULI Hines Student Competition 2018 Finalist: “Eastern Link”- Georgia Institute of Technology

Finalist Entry Title: Eastern Link
Team code:
Georgia Institute of Technology

Overview (Narrative excerpt from final submission)

Eastern Link is Toronto’s newest cultural connection. It’s a neighborhood fueled by Toronto’s economic engine and inspired by the independent spirit of surrounding communities. It is a vibrant cultural center and a local-serving mixed-use development.

Eastern Link unlocks major opportunities for coming together:

  • Partnerships form links with Toronto’s arts, sustainability, and housing organizations—ensuring deep roots in the community and opportunities for all.
  • A repositioned SmartTrack/GO station unlocks development opportunity east of the tracks and creates a bold transit hub for subway, rail and LRT.
  • Adaptive reuse links past and future. Heritage buildings transform into cultural institutions and a pedestrian link forges across the Don River using historic bridge infrastructure.

With its emphasis on both culture and daily life, Eastern Link is a neighborhood that is iconic but also intimate. It’s new but also authentic. It’s a home for artists, newcomers, families—and it will welcome you, too.


Academic advisers

  • Ellen Dunham-Jones, Professor, School of Architecture
  • Sabir Khan, Associate Professor, School of Architecture

Final Submission Materials

Original Submission Materials

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