2020 ULI Hines Student Competition Finalist: “Cubikko” – Cornell University and Columbia University

Entry Title: Cubikko
Team Code: 2019-534
School: Cornell University and Columbia University

Overview (Narrative Excerpt from Project Submission): “Cubikko is a pivotal mixed-use and transit-oriented development aiming to reunite the Wynwood, Midtown Miami and Edgewater communities and to enhance diversity across the region. The site has been an industrial urban neighborhood cut apart by the north-south railway and has been facing gentrification pressures. Cubikko includes a multimodal transportation system which will connect the diverse communities of Wynwood, Edgewater, and Midtown, while enhancing design culture and diversity, and mixed-income communal living to celebrate the vitality and diversity of the city of Miami.”

Jury comments on the original proposal:

  • The parti, with the ribbon, is very clear.
  • The vision feels achievable.
  • The team enhanced connectivity in multiple directions, considered the surrounding neighborhoods, and tried to understand the context.
  • One of the few proposals that added significant density on top of the rail station/line in a way that made sense.
  • They found the most appropriate architecture for Miami’s environment, making the site fit in with the legacy of the area.
  • The plans feel like the natural next stage of Wynwood, which came through due to the clear diagrams.
  • The idea to partner with the University on the College was creative.
  • Liked the home-sharing idea, focused on art, culture, and job-creation, incorporation of mixed-income housing.
  • The proposal tried to work within NRD zoning of Wynwood.
  • Board is fun and tells a strong story.
  • Podiums with overhangs make sense with climate, provide shelter/respite from sun/rain.
  • Financing made sense with the design. There were varied financing options including pad sales. They utilized a PPP.


  • Lijia Zhu (Team Leader), Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate, Cornell University
  • Yu Wu, Master of Landscape Architecture, Master of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University
  • Guangwei Ren, Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design, Columbia University
  • Oscar Portillo, Master in Business Administration, Cornell University
  • Jing Cheng, Master of Arts in Historic Preservation Planning, Cornell University

Academic Advisers:

  • Suzanne Lanyi Charles, Assistant Professor, Department of City & Regional Planning, Cornell University
  • Crocker Liu, Professor, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University

Submission Materials:

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