ULI Joins Call to Action for Healthy Communities

The Urban Land Institute has joined a coalition of organizations representing 450,000 professionals involved in industries related to community building, public health and parks creation to pledge support for the advancement of healthier, more walkable and more equitable communities.

The coalition issued a joint Call to Action for healthy communities today that emphasizes the key role that design and development play in promoting health and wellness. “To address growing health challenges and inequities requires new partnerships and collaboration between built environment and public health practitioners, and a health-focused approach to landscapes, buildings, and infrastructure. When built environment and public health professionals work together, we multiply our potential to improve health,” says the statement.

ULI’s work on building for health and wellness is advanced through its Building Healthy Places Initiative, which seeks to leverage the power of the Institute’s global networks to shape projects and places in ways that improve the health of people and communities.

“We are excited to collaborate with organizations that share ULI’s commitment to the creation of healthy places. By working together, we can build momentum for the common objective of creating and sustaining healthy buildings and spaces,” said ULI Global Chief Executive Officer Patrick L. Phillips. “Building for health is a sign of how cities around the world are introducing amenities and services to encourage physical activity, healthy living choices, and social interaction to improve livability and gain a competitive advantage.”

The Call to Action specifically addresses four key points:

  1. Creating and foster partnerships that advance health;
  2. Building and understanding of health data and establish measurable health objectives for plans and projects;
  3. Advancing policies, programs, and systems that promote community health, well-being and equity; and
  4. Communicating the importance of health.

Organizations supporting today’s call to action include:

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