The Business Case for Healthy Buildings: Insights for Early Adopters Report

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Inspired by a growing body of evidence that healthy buildings can have a positive effect on both human health and real estate performance, this report highlights the key certification standards in use in the marketplace, explores recent research on the impact of health-promoting design, and offers profiles of five projects that have been early adopters of healthy building and workplace design and management practices.



The Business Case for Healthy Buildings: Insights for Early Adopters reviews the evidence and profiles some early-adopter projects that have been shown—quantitatively and qualitatively—to have a positive impact on people’s lives and companies’ finances through healthy building design, construction, and management.






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Project Briefs

ULI briefs are short versions of ULI case studies. These project briefs from the report showcase the positive impacts that health and wellness-promoting design features have had.

CBRE | Toronto and Vancouver Office

Arup | Boston Office

Kilroy | Hollywood Proper Residences

Genentech | Building 34-The Hub

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