News from the ULI Building Healthy Places Initiative: December 2018

The ULI Building Healthy Places Initiative (BHP) works to engage, inform, and inspire ULI members and partners to do more to advance health.

New ULI Reports on Agrihoods, Healthy Housing, and Building Performance

The ULI Building Healthy Places Initiative and the ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance recently developed new reports that leverage member expertise to highlight the latest trends on the intersection of health and real estate:

  • Healthy Housing for All: How Affordable Housing Is Leading the Way
    The affordable housing industry has been pioneering innovative solutions to support resident health through housing design, development, and operations. Healthy Housing for All, prepared jointly with the ULI Workforce and Affordable Housing Council and the Center for Active Design, translates lessons from these projects into insights for the broader housing marketplace. Learn more and download the report at
  • Agrihoods: Cultivating Best Practices
    Agrihoods—developments centered on working farms or production gardens—can have positive impacts on human health, environmental sustainability, and real estate performance. Agrihoods: Cultivating Best Practices, identifies eight areas of best practice to aid developers and their partners in planning, creating, and operating single-family, multifamily, or mixed-use communities built with a farm as a focus. Learn more and download the report at
  • Greenprint Performance Report
    The ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance recently published volume 9 of its annual report, which tracks industry progress on improved performance using Greenprint-member and strategic-partner properties as a proxy to demonstrate what can be achieved industrywide. This year the center notes expansion of the definition for sustainable building to include health, wellness, and resilience principles—as demonstrated in the report by Prologis. Learn more and download the report here

From Our Partners

  • New Toolkit on Public Spaces and Value Capture from Reimagining the Civic Commons
    In response to concerns about increased property values, higher housing prices and displacement, Reimagining the Civic Commons developed “Value Capture in the Commons,”—a toolkit that gives community leaders a set of established and emerging tools to both sustain ongoing operations of shared civic assets and benefit existing neighbors. Learn more.
  • Webinar on Implementing Context Sensitive Design with Smart Growth America
    Join Smart Growth America’s National Complete Streets Coalition and Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates to learn about the new Institute of Traffic Engineers guide, Implementing Context Sensitive Design on Multimodal Thoroughfares: A Practitioners Handbook. The webinar will include real-world case studies from the report to demonstrate the medium- and long-term impacts of successful context sensitive design projects. Learn more. 

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