BHP RFP Seeks Equity Adviser to Support District Council Task Forces

ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative is seeking an Equity and Inclusion Adviser to support the District Council Task Forces for Health and Social Equity Project. The adviser, who may be a firm or an individual, will help ensure each of the four Task Forces meaningfully integrate considerations of social, health, economic, gender, and racial equity.

The Task Forces for Health and Social Equity Project is engaging four District Councils (ULI Arizona, ULI Chicago, ULI Sacramento and ULI Tampa Bay) over the course of a year and a half to identify opportunities to address local land-use policies and practices that make health-promoting development difficult or increase the vulnerability of low-income communities.

In collaboration with ULI staff and experts, the Consultant will advise project teams as they develop and execute their local action and outreach plans, facilitate participant trainings, and review final recommendations for each of the four synthesis reports.

Proposals due by July 30, 2019. For additional information, please email us at

Download RFP Here


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