Advancing the American Cities Climate Challenge

A new project will provide funding for nine ULI District Councils in the United States to facilitate member engagement in activities to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions. The project–a partnership between ULI’s Center for Sustainability and Economic Performance and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)–is part of the American Cities Climate Challenge, a two-year initiative by Bloomberg Philanthropies that provides support to U.S. cities to implement specific policy and practice actions to achieve ambitious carbon reduction goals.

Working over the course of a year, District Councils will work in Atlanta, Austin, Columbus, Charlotte, Denver, Honolulu, Indianapolis, San Diego, and San Jose to support partner activities to promote local regulatory and technology innovations on parking management, demand, and pricing, and transit-oriented development policies and practices.

This work is vital, as the built environment is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. For example, in the United States, the transportation sector accounts for nearly 30-percent of all emissions. Action in cities can address the key sources of emissions and improve quality of life for urban dwellers.

Only the nine District Councils listed above are eligible to participate in this project. We will notify other District Councils of additional opportunities if they become available. The initial timeline for this opportunity is one year, with ULI activities currently scheduled to conclude by April 1, 2020.

The Center for Sustainability will share a short form for District Councils to utilize to indicate their specific activity levels and interests. Initial applications will be due May 31, and from then forward will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please email to learn more and request an application form.

(Image Source: ENR)

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