2013 Spring Meeting Presentations

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The following is a list of presentations from sessions at the 2013 Spring Meeting in San Diego, California.

Wednesday, May 15

Cities are the Next Innovation Engines


  • Michael L. Horst
    Senior Vice President, Larson Leadership Initiative, ULI-the Urban Land Institute
  • Edward T. McMahon
    Senior Resident Fellow, Charles E. Fraser Chair for Sustainable Development, ULI-the Urban Land Institute 

Boomers and Gen Y: The Barbells of the Market

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Thursday, May 16

Retail in the Gen Y Era: How Can Investors and Developers Respond to a Dramatically Changing Sales Experience?

Winning Cities: What Magic Separates Them from the Rest?

How Technology is Changing the Workplace and Cities

Outside The Box: Investing in Niche Strategies

  • Robert T. O’Brien
    Partner and Vice Chairman, U.S. Real Estate Services Leader, Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • Bill Maggard
    Managing Director Development and Acquisitions, NexCore Group

Is Micro the New Macro?

Cross Border Development: It Works Both Ways

Mega Region: Laboratory for Innovation and North American Competitiveness

Innovative Tools for Financing Public-Private Partnership Deals

POP!  Real Estate Developments as Art

  • Barbara Koz Paley
    Partner, Atlantic Assets Group and President, Art Assets, LLC
  • David Malmuth
    Partner, I.D.E.A. Partners, LLC and President, David Malmuth Development, LLC 

Breaking Through: Innovation, Opportunity and Transformation in Mexico

The Next Best Bet: Making the Case in a Capital Constrained Market

Health Care Consolidation and Decentralization: Land Use Perspectives on the Development of Wellness Facilities

The Impact of the Expansion of the Panama Canal on Your Town, Your Business and Global Logistics

New Models for Community Engagement in Real Estate

Catalyst for Growth in Urban Pockets 

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Friday, May 17

With Retail Centers in a Tailspin, How do Investors and Developers Respond?

Multi-Family 3.0: Redefining Value Add Investment Strategies in Today’s Market

What’s Now/What’s Next in Industrial Properties

The Future of Housing and Transportation in America: Where Are We Going?

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