ULI Australia Webinar: Mental as anything - Dealing with ‘future’ stress in professional and personal life


2021-09-21T16:45:00 - 2021-09-21T17:45:00

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    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and Australian cities undergo varying periods of lockdown, our personal and professional stress seems to increase with the daily infection numbers.
    Planning what to do next has so much uncertainty right now that individuals and organisations are seeing ‘future stress,' or stress associated with the our longer term opportunities and decision making, as increasingly on the rise.
    This event will explore the ‘current normal’ with Nigel Abello, ReachOut’s Youth Ambassador, as well as Eloise Taylor, a Year 11 student at Oxford Falls Grammar who recently applied to be an AirField engineer and civil engineer with ADFA, and Elisha London, ex CEO and Founder of United for Global Mental Health where we will unpick a range of issues across mental health, parenting, caring, mentoring and career progression.
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    Elisha London

    United for Global Mental Health

    Elisha London is a social entrepreneur and global mental health advocate. She holds a Masters in Development Management from the London School of Economics and a Global Executive MBA from TRIUM. She was the founding UK Director of the Global Poverty Project (“Global Citizen”) and has worked for a range of multilaterals, governments, charities and organisations including the UK Department for International Development, The World Bank, Overseas Development Institute and PwC. She has also worked to establish a number funding solutions for non-profit organisations including establishing the endowment Fund for The Oaktree Foundation (Australia) and the first philanthropic campaign for the Sydney Opera House. In 2013 Elisha suffered a trauma and was diagnosed with PTSD and depression and following her recovery Elisha was appointed as Campaign Director for the Heads Together Campaign, spearheaded by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Combining her personal experience and passion for mental health with her professional experience as an entrepreneur, fundraiser and advocate in 2017 Elisha saw the huge gap that exists in addressing mental health around the world and brought together the team to establish United for Global Mental Health in 2018. She was UnitedGMH’s first CEO until 2021 and now supports the organisation as Founder and Advisor to the Board. In 2020 Elisha was recognised for her global leadership in mental health when she was appointed as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.


    Eloise Taylor

    Eloise is a 16 year old who is currently in year 11 at Oxford Falls Grammar. She is focusing her future career attention on civil engineering and has recently applied for AirField engineer and Civil engineer at ADFA. This career path highlights her interests and strengths in maths, physics, community service and a passion for travel and experiencing new people and environments around the world. Eloise is currently completing her Gold Duke of Edinburgh and is a part of the year 11 deputy team at her school. Eloise, like many young Australians has, through her friendship group and family, experienced the pressures on mental health of a rapidly changing world, and more recently the stress of isolation and separation brought by the pandemic. Eloise is the niece of Elisha London and they will be sharing their experiences and opinions together.


    Nigel Abello

    Project Officer (Legislative Policy and Reform) - Mental Health& Wellbeing Division, Victorian Department of Health

    Nigel, 25, is an Honours Graduate who studied a Bachelor of Science Advanced Global Challenges. Throughout his career, he has worked in many industries from corporate, startups, retail, hospitality, scientific research institutions, to government. These opportunities have taken him from Melbourne and Sydney to working in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, and the Pacific Islands. Currently, he works for the Victorian Department of Health in the Mental Health and Wellbeing division. He is also a Youth Ambassador for ReachOut Australia for almost a year now and loves many sports, photography, and outdoor adventures.