Get Smart: The Business Case for Grid-Interactive, High-Performance Buildings


2023-07-12T13:00:00 - 2023-07-12T14:00:00

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    "Optimize building energy consumption and carbon emissions with ULI's expert webinar on grid interactivity."  

    Buildings account for almost 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and there is growing pressure on the real estate industry to optimize building performance through grid connectivity to achieve net zero carbon emissions.    

    Join ULI for “Get Smart: The Business Case for Grid-Interactive High-Performance Buildings,” an in-depth exploration of the benefits of incorporating grid interactivity and energy efficiency interventions into buildings for decarbonization toward net zero. This webinar will delve into success stories, lessons learned, and specific interventions for optimizing building system operations, integrating distributed energy resources, creating and capitalizing on utility demand response capacity, and incorporating EV charging for more efficient, cost-effective, and broadly, more sustainable buildings.  Panelists will introduce attendees to the business case for grid interactivity and will help attendees identify paths towards cost-effective implementation within their respective industry sectors.