Dominic Ruiz, 2017 Health Leader

dominic-ruizTitle: Senior Analyst, Business Development
Organization: International WELL Building Institute
Location: New York, NY

Dominic Ruiz is a Senior Analyst at the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), whose mission is to improve health and well-being in buildings and communities through the WELL Building Standard.

Currently residing in New York, Dominic joins the ULI Health Leaders Network with a strong cross-disciplinary background encompassing community planning and design, architecture, real estate development, and environmental law.

Dominic holds a master’s degree in Regional and Community Planning from Kansas State University with an emphasis on Public Health and is an active member of the Public Theater, Municipal Art Society, Urban Land Institute, Urban Green Council, American Planning Association, and Contemporary Arts Council at the Museum of Modern Art.

Why are you motivated to participate in the Health Leaders Network? How will your participation enhance your current and future work?

I feel very strongly that real estate and land use professionals have the greatest opportunity to shape better health. Whether through homes, offices, schools or within larger communities, real estate touches people in every way and at every stage in life. It’s truly a gift.

This notion has really been the driving force behind my work and my interest in participating in the program. I also believe that only through collaboration can we truly create more productive and healthy places, so I am very excited to learn from the other ULI Health Leaders and apply new knowledge to my work with WELL.

ULI Health Leaders Network

The ULI Health Leaders Network is designed to empower real estate and land use professionals with the skills, knowledge, and networks to improve health outcomes in their professional practice and communities.