Solar Economics

It is clear that solar panels are good for the environment, but they now make economic sense for the property owner too. There are often many questions surrounding solar economics, including:

  • Do solar panels create value? If so, how would you calculate it?
  • How receptive are investors? How can you best present this to investors and financiers?
  • What kind of returns can you expect and what are we achieving?
  • Is it easy? Is it hard?

This webinar occurred on January 23, 2018, as a part of ULI’s Responsible Property Investment Product Council’s webinar series in 2018. In it, panelists walk through their experiences investing in solar for their existing portfolios, including explaining investment economics, outlining property value impact, and sharing tips on presenting to investors and talking about actual returns. They also share insight on managing some of the practical issues and pitfalls that arise (physical, regulatory, utility relationships, tenant and occupant concerns). View the entire webinar recording below.