New Housing Paradigms

We see a nationwide need for more and more-affordable housing options (including: student, workforce, age restricted, etc.), but current measures are still not providing what is needed. This forum should be solutions-oriented.   

  • What is the role for market-rate developers in helping to create/build affordable housing?
  • Are there new models of housing (co-living, micro-units) that should be explored or encouraged among various populations or in certain cities?  
  • Is there a way to build income achievable housing that not only serves populations under the current economic conditions, but also when the market takes a downturn?  
  • Where can we find successful models and how can we adapt them to our cities?  
  • Can we repurpose certain types of housing, or combine multiple needs in one development?  
  • Is there a role for the private developer in helping to manage the jobs-housing mismatch? If not, could/should there be?  
  • Who really holds the power to create and actualize change?
  • Why diversity matters in real estate, making the business case
  • How do transportation options impact housing options?

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