District Council Centers for Leadership

Several District Councils operate a Center for Leadership as a way to cultivate leaders in the industry, community, and ULI. Many graduates cite the program as having given them the knowledge, skills, network, and confidence to take on a more significant role professionally or even to start their own firm. The Center for Leadership acts as a microcosm for community change, illustrating how impact is made possible when diverse groups collaborate.

By way of a competitive process, each program selects 25-30 participants annually to attend monthly programs in which leadership skills are strengthened by understanding the interconnected facets of real estate and land use. Nationwide, there are over 700 graduates of the program who oversee the curriculum development and class recruitment.

Participants are mid-career professionals (approximately 30-50 years of age) who currently demonstrate leadership both professionally and within their community and are poised for even larger roles. They engage in discussions led by senior members of the industry, interactive exercises, personal leadership facilitations, a mini-TAP project, and meaningful networking.