ULI Terwilliger Center Home Attainability Index

With the goal of supporting municipalities and members of the development community working to address longstanding home affordability challenges, the Terwilliger Center has released its pilot Home Attainability Index (Index) and District Council Dashboards (Dashboards). These resources will provide a high-level snapshot of the extent to which a housing market provides a range of attainable choices to the regional workforce….
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The Business Case for Healthy Buildings: Insights for Early Adopters Report


Inspired by a growing body of evidence that healthy buildings can have a positive effect on both human health and real estate performance, this report highlights the key certification standards in use in the marketplace, explores recent research on the impact of health-promoting design, and offers profiles of five projects that have been early adopters of healthy building and workplace design and management practices.



The Business Case for Healthy Buildings: Insights for Early Adopters reviews the evidence and profiles some early-adopter projects that have been shown—quantitatively and qualitatively—to have a positive impact on people’s lives and companies’ finances through healthy building design, construction, and management.






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Project Briefs

ULI briefs are short versions of ULI case studies. These project briefs from the report showcase the positive impacts that health and wellness-promoting design features have had.

CBRE | Toronto and Vancouver Office

Arup | Boston Office

Kilroy | Hollywood Proper Residences

Genentech | Building 34-The Hub

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Evolving U.S. Suburbs Continue to Shape Residential Demand and Development

Suburban housing markets across the United States are evolving rapidly and overall remain well positioned to maintain their relevance for the foreseeable future as preferred places to live and work, even as many urban cores and downtown neighborhoods continue to attract new residents and businesses, according to a new publication from ULI……
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