Executive Vice President, Advisory Services

Position: Executive Vice President, Advisory Services
Reporting Relationship: Chief Executive Officer, Americas
Location: Washington, D.C

The Urban Land Institute:
The Urban Land Institute (ULI) is a renowned, member-driven global organization dedicated to advancing its mission of providing leadership in the responsible use of land and creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Being a real estate and land use-based education and research institute, ULI provides educational programming, publications, applied research, symposia, forums, professional meetings, and advisory services.

Its more than 40,000 members worldwide represent a broad cross-section of real estate development and land use disciplines ranging from commercial, residential, and affordable housing development, to real estate finance and investment, resilience and sustainability, land use policy and regulation, urban planning, and other related disciplines within the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. As such, ULI represents the oldest and largest network of multidisciplinary real estate and land use experts in the world, and is one of the world’s most respected and widely referenced authorities on urban planning, growth, and development. More importantly, ULI is the sum of its members, who themselves deliver the ULI mission, positively shaping the future of real estate and land use disciplines in ways that help create and sustain thriving communities and lead to the development of built environments that better serve more people.

ULI members include real estate developers, builders and owners, finance and investment professionals, auditors and accountants, brokers and consultants, real estate attorneys, architects, engineers, urban planners, public officials, quasi-public economic development agencies, and academicians. The breadth of expertise of ULI members is an important and unique element of its value to members and to the communities ULI serves through the activities of its members. In fact, ULI’s strength lies in its ability to leverage the intellectual and experiential capital of its members, and facilitate the open and informed exchange of ideas for the benefit of members and communities alike. The Institute’s unique value is reflected in the connections among members at all levels of the organization, along with the opportunity to create even greater connections though technology and an evolving culture increasingly focused on the open source creation, curation, and sharing of information, research, and expertise within ULI and among ULI members.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, ULI operates in three regions globally – the Americas (North and South America), Europe, and Asia. ULI also maintains major offices in Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, and more than 50 American cities. In the Americas, ULI is organized into 57 location-based district councils and 49 product councils focusing on nearly 30 subject matter areas that reflect the interests and subject matter expertise of ULI members.

The New ULI Americas Strategic Plan: As ULI continues beyond its 80th anniversary, the Institute is focused on inspirational renewal. Member development, member engagement, and member impact are the touchstones of the new Strategic Plan for the Americas.

Accordingly, the Institute has committed itself to:

  • delivering, though its members, more of its mission of helping create and sustain thriving communities
  • increasing the measurable impact the Institute has on the communities it serves
  • remaining the leading cross-disciplinary land use association and cultivating the professional development of a broader, more diverse cross-section of members.


Since 1947, ULI Advisory Services Panels have served as valuable resources to cities, communities, and other stakeholders, helping them find practical solutions to the most vexing planning, development, redevelopment, and re-use issues. The ULI Advisory Services Program provides panels of independent experts, from several relevant disciplines including urban planning, architecture, engineering and design, development, finance and investment, legal, research and market analytics, and asset management, among others. The panels provide real time, candid, unbiased, and practical advice to help communities solve problems, resolve impasses, and ultimately make informed decisions about how best to optimize the built environment for their constituents.

Expert panelists are selected from among the ULI membership. To preserve their independence, they may not have any connection to the community or project that is the subject of the advisory services panel. During focused and intense information gathering efforts lasting up to one week, ULI panels interview public officials, lenders, equity investors, developers, and representatives of community development corporations, neighborhood and community-based organizations, and other stakeholders.

Recent Advisory Services panels have focused on a variety of challenging matters involving:

The Advisory Services Program also is preparing to conduct panels that will address disaster planning, resilience, and sustainability, along with the financing of affordable housing and housing-based approaches to ameliorating homelessness. Although Advisory Services Panels are concentrated primarily in the Americas, expansion of the program to Asia is in the planning stages, with panels tentatively scheduled for early 2018 in China (Wuhan and Beijing), Singapore, and the Philippines (Manila).

Advisory Services and the Strategic Plan

In theory and practice, the Advisory Services Program is one of ULI’s most important global priorities; it is one of the most visible and concrete manifestations of ULI’s mission and value to communities around the world. Because of this, and the fact that ULI members volunteer their time on the panels to help communities that need their services, it is both a substantive and symbolic driver of the new Strategic Plan, embodying the Plan’s principal tenants of member leadership and development, engagement, and impact.

Recently, a ULI member-lead task force (“Task Force”) convened to address how best to expand and leverage the Advisory Services program and integrate it with other member-led activities.  The goal of this task force is to further evolve the Advisory Services program into a preeminent mission delivery vehicle that recruits, trains, and engages ULI members to deliver more global, regional, and local panels. These panels aim to be of the highest quality, with consistent branding, and measurable and reportable impact and value across the ULI platform.

The Task Force also tackled the issue of integrating the Advisory Services Program, which is global and regional in scope, with local ULI Technical Assistance Panels (“TAPs”). TAPs panels provide similar advice and counsel to communities through local ULI district councils, most often on a smaller scale and at a lower price. Traditionally, the TAPs have operated independently of each other and of the broader Advisory Services Program. An integration of Advisory Services with the TAPs would provide a continuum of advisory services to communities and projects that need them. The ULI mission will continue to be the principal driver of decisions about whether to convene an advisory panel and at what, if any, cost to the community or development project. Determination of cost will be dependent on the importance of the project to the affected community, the modicum of need, the fit between the need and ULI’s expertise, and the ability (or not) of the local community to fund the work of the ULI panel.


The Executive Vice President, Advisory Services will manage all facets of the Advisory Services program.

The critical and immediate priority for the EVP will be to bring a robust, re-envisioned Advisory Services program to life. In doing so, the EVP will work with senior ULI leadership to implement  an enhanced program of advisory services, a critical element of the new Strategic Plan for the Americas.

  • Evolving the TAPS Panels. Helping design and implement new processes and procedures for Advisory Services and affiliated TAPS panels. This will include collaborating across the enterprise to design and implement an expansion and integration strategy with the local TAPs.
  • Advancing the Task Force’s strategic recommendations regarding the recruitment and rigorous training of new panel members
  • Working with the Marketing and Membership team to help establish and maintain brand and quality standards for all ULI panels
  • Developing key metrics for the advisory services program and overseeing the development and implementation of a system for measuring the impact of advisory services
  • Effectively communicating outcomes and mission impact to help advance the fundraising efforts of the ULI Foundation and the engagement of more ULI members in the advisory services program.

Other general program responsibilities will include:

  • Leading the day-to-day operations of the Advisory Services program including, but not limited to the program’s budget, recruitment and training of panelists (including developing a draft and pipeline for new panelists), logistics, sponsor relationships, staffing of panels, contracting, and invoicing. The EVP will use the highly matrixed ULI ecosystem as a resource to manage department staffing needs in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Overseeing and ensuring that the Advisory Services department effectively trains and recruits highly qualified panelists for well-suited deployments, along with the proper ULI staff to assist them. Likewise, the EVP will lead the department to effectively assist and support panel chairs in managing and directing panels, framing panels’ scopes of work, and conducting interviews and completing deliberations within the time allotted.
  • Working on a continuous basis with representatives of public, nonprofit and private organizations on the marketing, sponsoring, contracting, and execution of Advisory Services panel assignments;
  • Developing productive relationships with Advisory Services Panel chairs and panel members to help underwrite the quality of Advisory Service Panels, the effective recruitment and training of new panelists, and the management of an Advisory Services Panel pipeline


  • Ten years of leadership and management experience in business, government, or the nonprofit sectors. Experience in public and/or private land use or real estate-related disciplines, or consulting or advisory practice is a plus, but not an absolute requirement.
  • Strong leadership ability and business acumen, along with a willingness to embrace — and ability to drive — change, advance a highly communicative and collaborative culture, and purposefully facilitate member and staff development and engagement are highly valued.
  • Knowledge of, or ability to learn, the public and private development and related processes.
  • Ability to build mutually productive relationships with ULI members, industry leaders, mayors, and other public officials, and to encourage their commitment and contribution to ULI’s mission
  • Prior experience as the head of a business line within a larger enterprise is preferred. Strong ability to manage a budget and communicate about financial resources in a matrixed environment.
  • Active listener with a strong sense of urgency and bias towards action.
  • Excellent communication skills, both writing and speaking, and willingness and ability to present to large audiences and small groups; superior project management skills; and exceptional ability to collaborate effectively with others.


  • Masters-level degree in business, finance, administration, urban planning, or other related field.


Korn Ferry has been retained to lead this search. Please direct applications and questions to Korn Ferry:

Anthony J. LoPinto
Global Sector Leader, Real Estate
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New York, NY 10166
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Cell: (917) 494-8093
Email: anthony.lopinto@kornferry.com

Alison Harrigan
Senior Associate
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Email: alison.harrigan@kornferry.com

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